Unlock the Innovation Potential of Your Organisation 

innocado matches colleagues with complimentary competencies to foster creativity and engagement in your innovation process.

Start Connecting the Right People

Unlock the full potential of your workforce by using actionable face-to-face conversations within the ideation process. Our Matching Algorithm helps you to bring together the right people for every idea or problem in your organisation.

Modern Matchmaking 

We developed a Matching Algorithm that uses Competencies, Experiences and Working Preferences to determine what is the best fit for certain innovation projects.

Face to Face Conversations

People are more engaged and creative in a personal setting. Modern methods like WorkingOutLoud already figured out how social interaction impact working together. It is time to systematically use it in your ideation process.

Interdisciplinary Teams

Diversity is key when it comes down to generating ideas and evaluating them.

  • 80% of communication is non-verbally

  • 64 % of innovations emerge from collaboration

  • interdisciplinary teams make better decisions 87% of the time

Every Big Idea started with a conversation. Take the first Step. Talk to us.