More than an Innovationplatform!
We create an environment in which employees can make the best possible use of their skills and project experiences.
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Innocado prepares Your Organization for the Challenges of theDigital


Knowledge Transfer

We help you to connect knowledge intelligently and to bring the right employees together at the right time for the right topic.


Enhance your productivity and attractiveness as an employer by enabling modern working methods - without breaking up existing structures.

Innovation Power

It has been proven that "innovation from the desk" does not work. Ideas and solutions arise when different perspectives come together in real life conversations.

Digital Transformation

Digitisation means both technologisation and changes in organisational culture. We help you to introduce your staff to new work.


Intelligent Matchmaking

We connect employees with complementary skills and project experiences.

Project Staffing

Innocado helps to identify the most suitable employees for innovation projects. Regarding their skills and personalities.


Each employee receives a feed with topics that match his or her competencies and interests.


Users are anonymous.Ideas and innovation take the center stage and people of all hierarchical levels are brought together.


Ferry Nesenhöner

Ferry Nesenhöner

As an organizational and business psychologist, Ferry developed the basics for the matching algorithm and the UX design.
Lorenz Gehrmann

Lorenz Gehrmann

The trained industrial engineer is primarily responsible for sales and operations. He is also a trained coach for team development.

Paul Seifert

As a fullstack developer, Paul takes care of the technical implementation of the platform and feels particularly at home in web development.
Marc Junker

Marc Junker

Advisory Board Member
As a start-up founder, private investor and lecturer with a background in mathematics, computer science and business administration, Marc provides support in all operational and strategic issues.
Prof. Dr. Axel Haunschild

Prof. Dr. Axel Haunschild

Advisory Board Member
The director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Ergonomics of the LUH supports the team regarding technical questions of organizational change processes.
Ricardo Ferrer Rivero

Ricardo Ferrer Rivero

Advisory Board Member
The co-founder of doctape and managing director of the DACH region of MANA supports regarding the user-centered development of the product and technical issues.


Stephan Tillack

Stephan Tillack

Innocado is hitting the ravages of time with their platform. After only 2 months in operation, there has already been a significant increase in our employees' willingness to innovate.

Roger Cericius

CEO FuturX (VGH Group)
What large companies need, is for the people who work there to get in touch with each other much more intensively. Innocado has found an excellent solution for this challenge. The product really exites me.

From now on we can brainstorm in theMatchBox


The MatchBox is a creative, hierarchy-free space for brainstorming.

Our approach is to get employees into personal conversations as quickly as possible. Ideas and solutions emerge from face-to-face conversations. This is why we developed the MatchBox. It serves both as the hub of communication and user activation, as well as an alternative to sterile meeting rooms for innocado matches.

  • Dashboard with KPIs on a Screen
  • Documentation of conversations with the help of workshop materials
  • Employees see that something is happening!

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